Pat & Michelle
September 23, 2022
Eric Chan
October 9, 2021

“Our plain, no nonsense, builder’s deck was definitely showing its age: cramped, faded, and falling apart. We contacted several companies, met with representatives, and received quotes. The WoodArt website, with its impressive gallery of custom decks and testimonials, along with Sam’s personable manner, quickly won us over.

Sam’s countless years of experience was evident in his helpful design suggestions and detailed sketch proposal with precise measurements. Sam, along with his son Anthony, were punctual and worked diligently. Attention to detail is Sam’s number one priority and at the end of each work day the site was thoroughly cleaned of all debris.
One rainy morning their appearance was in doubt but, to our delighted surprise, they arrived and worked efficiently to stay on schedule, never taking easy shortcuts that would compromise quality.
We’re so happy and overjoyed with the final product…many barbecue parties are definitely in our future! 
We would happily recommend Sam to anyone looking to add an awesome deck to their home.”
Tom, Michotte and Gerard